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A Dallas Emergency Tree Service Guide: Drought Dragging On And Coming High Winds


Any Dallas Emergency Tree Service, like White Rock Tree Removal Service, is preparing for a busy emergency season, this year. The reason for this is two fold. First, Dallas's most mature trees' available moisture is less than half, annually, than the thirty year average during which they matured. (Latest Annual Rainfall - 36.14 in.)  (30 Year Average Rainfall 1980 thru 2010 - 79.8 in.) This rain deficit is leaving Dallas trees extra dry and vulnerable to the effects of, coming high winds. Historically, in Dallas, the windier part of the year lasts for a little over 7 months, from October to June. Average wind speeds of more...

Dallas Emergency Tree Removal

A Dallas Emergency Tree Service Guide: Why Are My Dallas Trees Dying?


Residents and business owners of the East Dallas, North Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Uptown Dallas and Preston Hollow communities  have been reaching out to request Dallas Emergency Tree Service from White Rock Tree Removal Service, in response to dead or dying trees causing hazardous conditions on their properties. Obviously, drought is a major contributing factor to tree death in the Dallas area.


A Local Dallas Tree Service Guide to Heat Stress


With temperatures in Dallas looking to continue to be in the triple digits for the foreseeable future, it's important to call a local Insured Dallas Tree Service, like White Rock Tree Removal Service to inspect your trees for signs of heat stress and it's devastating effects. Most local Dallas trees can deal with the effects of a certain amount of heat above the usual high threshold but more and more we are seeing trees dying and succumbing to the other effects of heat stress. This includes limb breakage and limb drop, uprooted trees...


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Tree Removal Dallas Cost Guide: What To Expect From A Dallas Tree Service Estimate


There seem to be a lot of questions about how much Dallas local tree removal costs when you call a Local Dallas Tree Service, like White Rock Tree Removal Service. The cost of Dallas Tree Removal is decided by a number of factors including, diameter, condition, location, height, type of tree, proximity to structures, risk to the crew working on your trees as well as equipment access to the tree. Thus, tree removal Dallas costs range from $250 to $2500 per tree. Larger Tree Removal....

Local Dallas Tree Service Inspection Guide: When to Search For a East Dallas Tree Service Near Me 


White Rock Tree Removal Service is called when falling trees or branches are responsible for millions of dollars in property and personal damage, annually. Yet, the best course of action for  homeowners isn't always to engage a local Dallas Tree Service to remove problem trees. From raising property values to lowering energy costs, just one large tree, regularly serviced by a tree service near me like White Rock Tree Removal Service, appreciates your investment by thousands of dollars of value, while improving your air quality and contributing to an overall higher quality of life....

Invest in Local Dallas Tree Service: Increase East Dallas, Uptown, and Park Cities Property Values



Regularly engaging a truly local tree service near Dallas is a critical part of ensuring the continued appreciation of the value of your investment in your North Dallas  Park Cities, Uptown or East Dallas home. Why, regularly, engage the services of a truly local tree service near Dallas? Engaging a local tree service near Dallas, like White Rock Tree Removal Service, that specializes specifically in, what are some of the Dallas Area's  oldest and most magnificent Uptown, Park Cities and East Dallas trees...



How Excessive Heat May Cause You To Need A Lakewood Tree Removal Service, And Prevention Tips


It's important to consult White Rock Tree Removal Service or another Lakewood local tree service if you have questions or concerns about your White Rock trees, during unseasonable heat, like all Dallas trees will be seeing this coming week. Local Dallas trees handle heat using a process called transpiration. Each leaf has stomata; little openings that open up to allow for H2O evaporation, which cools the tree. This protective system...